A New year dawns!! May it be a wonderful year of growth and adventure!


Getting started


12/27/13 Here I am, exploring a new avenue. More Learning, more growing, more change….it is all a bit scary, but oh, so exciting.
I want to share photos here, along with daily or at least weekly thoughts. I like the idea of 365 days of photos…DAILY life in my corner of the world


I have always loved the THINGS of organization…I am just not so hot at the actual TASK of organization. Post it notes, pens, bins, ornate hat boxes, rubbermaid totes dot my world…..however ,too many papers, pens, shoes, magazines and clutter. So..with the new year comes the urge to CLEAN. will let you know how THAT goesDSCN5261

Just beginning

It’s nearly the end of the year…yet I feel hopeful and anticipatory for the new things to come. Every years for years, I have sat with my calendar, my journal or photo album (or all of the above). I read and remember, smile and shed a few tears…of all that has past. Doing this has become my quiet way of processing my life and preparing for whatever lies ahead. nor such a bad idea eh?